The Merideth Method® teaches techniques that foster transparent communication, wholehearted interactions and mindfulness. The process affirms that each participant is whole, infinitely capable and divinely inspired. The technique is designed to bring about an experience of liberation and relies heavily on contemporary and premodern mysticism. 



200 Hour

For students seeking an immersive yoga training program we are excited to offer the Merideth Method® Teacher Training, lead by  John Merideth. Our program is the only program in the SE that offers students the ability to mentor with an master teacher and then assist and teach in real time classes in a studio. The modules are designed to immerse students in the history, philosophy and practical method of vinyasa yoga. Through the creation of learning paths, our curriculum, is tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in the program. John uses a Critical Consciousness or integrational equity format between student and teachers, in which both  question, both reflect and both participate in meaning-making.  Each student is given individual attention and encourage to build on inherent strength and reinforce less dynamic areas. Merideth Method® training programs are designed to produce professional, confident teachers that will excel in the ever expanding field of yoga, personal wellness and resilience consulting.

Application fee
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Application Check List

  1. Email your letter of intent stating that you wish to be considered for the program: Contact John
  2. Pay the non-refundable $75 Application fee (once accepted this fee can be applied to any remaining tuition)
  3. Complete and send the application form.
  4. Provide 2-3 letters of recommendation via email
  5. Set up an interview (in person, Skype, FaceTime, google hangouts, etc)
  6. Pay for the program.

200 Hour Curriculum (Modules 1 - 5)

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, the syllabus for this teacher training intensive draws from a wide range of intellectual disciplines. During the course, the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga provide the student with a context from which to explore the form and texture of the ego. Critical thinking skills are emphasized and the student is encouraged to deconstruct the practice from a variety of perspectives both western and non-western (physical and spiritual). To be come certified, students must be able to demonstrate a strong critical understanding of the five primary areas of the MM® and show competency leading, adjusting and sequencing multiple Ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes.

Areas covered include: 

  • leadership
  • living from your values
  • power and dynamism
  • general anatomy/physiology
  • philosophy of consciousness 
  • the anthropology of yoga
  • yoga as cosmology
  • pranayama
  • alignment principles
  • standing and seated asana sequences
  • the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga
  • mysore style manual adjustment techniques
  • the art of teaching
  • emotional resonance
  • taking flight with bandha
  • jump-thru and jump-back using your core
  • finishing sequence
  • tristana, and much, much more.

To receive a satisfactory evaluation and a certificate of completion, students must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • Completion of all reading assignments and related research.
  • Participate in discussion intensives. 12-14 meetings at onlYoga - Approximately 140 - 180 contact hours.
  • Assist as a student teacher in 16-20 classes. Students assist in studio classes throughout the course of the training - Approximately 24 -34 contact hours.
  • Maintain a 5 day/week practice schedule throughout the duration of the training + engage in a daily meditation practice. Students must keep a practice journal and are encouraged to practice at any studio John participates as an instructor. At least 2 classes/week must be with John Merideth and 3-4 should be with Senior MM® Teachers..
  • Act as the primary teacher in 6-10 classes (6 as the sole instructor). Students are responsible for teaching all 6-10 classes - 3 independently - Approximately 12 - 15 contact hours.
  • Complete ALL written and oral exams.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively facilitate an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class (clear motivating verbal instruction, intelligent assists, proper use of music, etc.)

Please note: these are minimum requirements.  Additional requirements may be necessary based on the performance of individual students.

The MM® teacher training intensive - Module One is designed to substantially and quantitatively deepen the trainee's existing yoga practice, cultivate teaching and observational skills and develop or deepen critical thinking skills. Students must have an existing yoga practice and be open to the transformational qualities of the vinyasa system (physical, mental and emotional). The training requires a high level of commitment.



MM® 200 Hour TT

Payment deadlines: 

  • $3500 - Full payment must be received by 12/08/16
  • $3700 - Full payment must be received by 12/22/16
  • $3900 -  Full payment must be received by 1/5/17

Payment plans: To set up a payment plan please use the Payment Plan Request form below.


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2017 Meeting Dates

  • January 2017
    • 27th - 29th
  • February 2017
    • 3rd - 5th
    • 10th - 12th
    • 17th - 19th
    • 24th - 26th
  • March 2017
    • 3rd - 5th
    • 10th - 12th
    • 17th - 19th
    • 24th - 26th
  • April 2017
    • 1st - 2nd
    • 7th -9th 
    • 28th - 30th

All meetings will be held in Midtown Atlanta @ onlYoga or offsite in Midtown.